Hybrid Bus Launch

LVBL has a history of progressive actions, supporting the local community and considering environmental impacts. In an Australian first, LVBL in conjunction with Volvo Australia, were the first company to the Volvo B5RLEH parallel technology into Route Service.

Cities and regions across the world face many urban challenges, including air pollution, congestion, planning and the use of natural energy resources. Latrobe Valley is a large Victorian energy provider and our region is challenged by these considerations for our future and environmental impact. Combined with Latrobe City’s aim of becoming the engineering capital of Australia, we feel this Hybrid technology is a step in the right direction.

The Volvo Hybrid B5RLE has proven in commercial operation to be the most fuel efficient and reliable bus on the European market. The Volvo parallel system is based on the basic principal that an electric motor works in parallel with a diesel engine to drive the vehicle, and utilises energy otherwise wasted during braking. The hybrid is able to depart bus stops silently with the diesel engine shut off, saving fuel and increasing passenger comfort. To be specific, the bus uses 30 – 40% less fuel than a conventional diesel only bus and in terms of road emissions is capable of operating 40% better.

McDermott's Coaches Hybrid Bus Launch

Latrobe Valley Bus Lines are honoured to have been invited to join McDermott Coaches on the introduction of Volvo Hybrid Euro 6 buses into Cradle Mountain, Tasmania’s World Heritage Wilderness Park.

Congratulations to both McDermott’s Coaches and Volvo, the first of its kind to be operating in a World Heritage Area.